The company Marcoccia specializes in the design, development, production and installation of electrical and technological systems dedicated to various sectors.

The portal for air quality and damage caused by indoor pollution. Articles dealing with the issues and the dangers of internal pollution of our homes are discussed and discussed.

indoor pollution

Indoor pollution is defined as "the presence in the air of confined spaces of physical, chemical and biological contaminants that naturally do not exist in the outer air of high quality ecological systems" (Ministry of the Environment)

Association A.m.i.c.a.

Association for Diseases of Chronic and / or Environmental Poisoning, is born to promote knowledge and awareness about health problems caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields and chemicals present in the environment and in products of common use.

motion idea

motion idea is a computer graphics company specializing in the production of commercials, trailers, promotional videos, 3D movies, and photorealistic architectural rendering. Our services are aimed at production companies and agencies looking for a product with a high visual impact and quality for their movies and TV productions.