The PM2.5 particle counter, model PCE-RCM 05, is a device that continuously measures the presence of PM2.5 particles in work environments. The PM2.5 particle counter also indicates the temperature and relative humidity. The measurement range for PM2.5 particles of PCE-RCM 05 reaches 0 ... 500 μg / m³. Thanks to this, the PM2.5 particle counter is an ideal device for controlling the concentration of particles. You can view the air quality status at the bottom of the large display, just below the measurement value, by using the pictograms. The PM2.5 particle counter, model PCE-RCM 05 is powered by a battery. The LCD screen has a backlight, which allows you to read the value easily from any angle. The backlight is white, but when a certain limit value is exceeded the background of the PM2.5 particle counter changes from white to red.

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